Our True Self vs Our False Self / September 21, 2013
Introducing Dr Karen Horney
Unpacking Bill Wilson's Letter Part One / May 11, 2013
Bill writes to a depressed friend.
Unpacking Bill Wilson's Letter Part Two / May 18, 2013
If I'd only known.
Unpacking Bill Wilson's Letter Part Three / May 25, 2013
Bill descloses more.
Unpacking Bill Wilson's Letter Part Four / June 15, 2013
More is being revealed.
Emotional Sobriety Inventory / June 22, 2013
Bill Wilson called it the frontier.
Differentiation / July 20, 2013
What's that mean?
Dancing With Fire / August 10, 2013
Introducing John Amodeo Ph.D.
People Making / August 24, 2013
Introducing Virginia Satir Ph.D.
The Six Pillars of Self-esteem / August 24, 2013
Introducing Dr. Nathaniel Branden
The I to Thou Relationship / September 21, 2013
Introducing Martin Buber
Doing Things for the Right Reasons / November 2, 2013
Monty shares his views on this topic
Emotional Sobriety and The Steps Part One / November 16, 2013
Part One Steps Three and Four Becoming Independent.
Emotional Sobriety and The Steps Part Two / November 30, 2013
Steps Four through Eight Emotional Liabilities, Erotic Emotions,
Developing Meaningful Endurance to our Pain
12 Stupid Things That Mess Up The Holidays / December 21, 2013
If you want your holiday season to be successful here are 12 Stupid Things to avoid.
An Emotional Sobriety Inventory Review / January 4, 2014
Don't miss this vital show to help take your recovery to the next level.
Stop Allowing Other People to Edit Your Reality / January 18, 2014
Joseph G. from Rum Radio is our guest as we discuss the topic of standing firm to who you are.
Owning Your Own Projections as an Act of Your Integrity / February 15, 2014
The things we see in others that disturb us are so often the things we see in ourselves.
Special Guest Zo Williams "On Relationships" / March 1, 2014
Zo Williams of the "Zo What Morning Show" shares his views on "Relationships"
Confronting Yourself For the Sake of Your Own Integrity / March 22, 2014
Allowing the best in us to confront the worst in us.
Developing a Healthy Perspective Towards Yourself / April 26, 2014
Special Guest Interventionist and Sober Companion Damian Schiller.
Appreciating What is / Recovering Your Emotional Center of Gravity / May 24, 2014
Special Guest Bob Newton Director of Day Treatement at the Betty Ford Center, Rancho, Mirage, CA
Comforting Yourself When You Are Hurt or Disappointed / June 28, 2014
Special Guest Mark Baumgartner Director of In Patient Services for Hazelden Betty Ford
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