Choosing Rehab
A message from our CEO

As a recovered alcoholic who has worked with treatment providers for over two decades, it has been my experience that the facilities that are worth their weight support or follow a Twelve Step model for recovery.
These are the Gold Standard in treatment as they are holistic in nature.
The professionals at these centers treat the entire person, body, mind and spirit.
Treatment centers that encourage prayer, meditation and a conscience contact with God have the highest success rates for those who have been diagnosed as narcotic addicts, alcoholics and those living with co-occurring mental health challenges.

For those treatment centers who use medicated assisted recovery without a detailed plan to completely wean their patients off the medications should be avoided at all cost.
Treatment centers that treat addiction as a health issue only and not a spiritual malady as well are not fully equipped to treat those who suffer from most addictions.

As a member of the recovery community who has seen the harm done by treatment facilities that are not properly educated and licensed to treat addiction, I implore anyone seeking short or long term treatment to do your homework.  Do not choose a treatment facility hastily or while in a state of panic.  If you do, you may be signing a death certificate.

Take 12 Recovery Radio and KHLT Recovery Broadcasting will not endorse any treatment center that does not  support or implement a Twelve Step Model.

Monty Dale Meyer
CEO KHLT Recovery Broadcasting/Take 12 Recovery Radio

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