Workshop # 1
Intervention, What Is It?
Admissions Consultant at Benchmark Recovery Center in Austin, Texas.
When it comes to communicating with others the full impact of a realistic intervention Tony Messbarger is by far one of the best.
His experience in the addiction treatment field is second to none.
We here at Take 12 Recovery Radio consider it an honor and a privilege to have Tony as a featured guest for this in depth workshop on the understanding of interventions and the important part they play in the process of saving lives.
Addiction is the number one health threat in our country and Tony brings solution focused intervention to life.
If you have a loved one who is in need of an intervention you need to listen closely to this four part presentation. It may be one of the most important broadcast we have ever aired.
Workshop # 3
Face to Face
Workshop # 2
Getting the Family
On Board
Workshop # 4
Transport & Treatment
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