SHOW TOPIC: Loss is a normal experience that God designed to develop our identity and purpose over a lifetime. But some losses are not considered legitimate if no one died. The truth is we can be impacted by a broken heart as much by as the death of a loved one. When losses such as a business failure, pet death, abortion, miscarriage, adoption or chronic pain are dismissed by others, we are tempted to believe God doesn’t care either. That we don’t matter. Robbed of our right to grieve these ‘little deaths,’ we learn to hide our pain under false identities and self-defeating behaviors – never realizing we also delay our healing process.

In her memoir, The Road Back to Love, author Yolanda Gorick shares her adventure to escape religious tradition to find God at 18 in the counterculture of the 60s and 70s. When her life is derailed by abortion, miscarriage, divorce and occult religions, she feels lost and abandoned by God. On the brink of divorce, she has a profound encounter with God at a church her husband finds in the Yellow Pages. The Road Back to Love is a powerful story of redemption after loss by the Lover of our soul.
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The Road Back to Love
Special Guest: Author Yolanda Gorick
with Toni J., Denver W. and the Monty'man
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