KHLT Recovery Broadcasting and is a Recovery Talk and Positive Music Internet Radio Station.
The world's oldest and only recovery radio station broadcasting recovery talk and positive music 24 hours a day with a unique recovery focused show updated three days a week. In addition to our weekly shows we have recovery workshops and special broadcast that air monthly.

Monty Meyer (the Monty'man) is CEO and Executive Producer of KHLT Recovery Broadcasting and the Take 12 Recovery Radio Shows.

With over 30 years of experience working on the Pastoral Staff of local congregations and drug & alcohol services Monty's work is primarily with those who have a desire to become whole through the process of recovery.

"The Internet is a community all its own, and like any community its population is filled to the overflowing with hurting and desperate people searching for a way out of drug, alcohol and other addictions. I believe that the only way to experience total recovery from this type of bondage is through accountability, education and a relationship with a power greater than ourselves, GOD.
Though there are some who experience a wonderful freedom from active drug and alcohol abuse without turning their will and their life over to the care of the Creator, many of them never completely recover. If they do it is only through the mercy of the God they have yet to know.
It is in the context of the original program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the direction of a loving God that & KHLT Recovery Broadcasting are effective."

We at KHLT Recovery Broadcasting and know that we have more than a partial remedy for the addict and alcoholic. We have the solution in the 12 Steps that guide us to the complete and final answer. A loving God who expresses himself by His complete understanding of His creation, not our limited understanding of Him.
We hope all our shows will point the listener to the final and complete answer to our powerlessness. God.

Monty lives in Albany, Oregon with his wife Marsha and son Colin.
Monty's oldest son Cameron and wife Amber reside in McMinnville, Oregon.
Monty works full time at the KHLT Recovery Broadcasting Studio and is the Executive Director of the Addiction Recovery Support Services in Albany, Oregon.
Monty's faith is not based in religion but in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
"We give all credit to our Heavenly Father for His incredible grace and provision in the work of Take 12 Recovery Radio."

KHLT Recovery Broadcasting is registered with the Corporation Division of the State of Oregon and is a recovery service organization not a profit making business.

KHLT Recovery Broadcasting and Take12Radio are not affiliated with any particular Twelve Step fellowship.

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